RHEUM 'Ace of Hearts'

Moisture retentive soil
RHS Award of Garden Merit
Pot Size


Other: Available in 2ltr pots

Height and Spread: 50cm x 75cm

'Ace of Hearts' is one of the Rheum commonly known as Dwarf Ornamental Rhubarb. Green, heart-shaped leaves with red veins on the underside are the main attraction. Pale pink flower spikes appear during summer. 'Ace of Hearts' was a cross between Rheum palmatum and Rheum kialense.

Dwarf Ornamental Rhubarb thrives in moisture-retentive soils making it well-suited to bog situations or planting alongside watercourses or ponds. Beautiful architectural foliage makes it a great plant for damp borders and beds in either partial shade or sun.

All parts of this plant are toxic.


This plant is featured in - Rosy's Planting Plan for a Border with Moisture Retentive Soil