Harriet Rycroft - Pots for Hot Spots and Shady Characters

Hardy's Cottage Garden Plants
24th July 2018

We are looking forward to welcoming Harriet Rycroft back to the nursery, this will be her second visit to Hardy's as a guest speaker, this time she will be changing her emphasis from planting pots for winter and spring to planting pots for summer and autumn.

Harriet will share with you some ideas for summer planting in containers, focusing on those tricky shady or scorching areas of your garden, and will create a mixed planting that will look good right up to the first frosts.

Harriet spent nearly 14 years planting large displays of flowerpots all year round for Whichford Pottery. Now she writes and lectures about container planting - and keeps about 300 pots planted in her own garden.

Harriet Rycroft  has always been happiest in gardens so it shouldn’t have been a surprise that she ended up being a professional gardener. After university Harriet worked in the world of interior design, and then for some small magazines

After her two sons were born Harriet studied horticulture while they were at nursery school and volunteered at Hidcote Manor Gardens. Then when they went to school she went to work in the garden at Whichford Pottery and stayed there for nearly fourteen years, in sole charge for the last 10 or 11 of those years, planning, planting and maintaining large displays of planted pots all year round. Harriet reckons that she must have planted about 7000 pots during that time

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