Jekka McVicar - Herbs for all Reasons

Hardy's Cottage Garden Plants
27th March 2018

Herbs for all Reasons

Jekka brings her experience and passion she has for growing and using herbs, you will leave with a new understanding of herbs and horticulture. She shares her 30 years of horticultural knowledge and her tricks of the trade. During Jekka’s talk not only will you be able to pick up tips on planting combinations, preparation of soil, practical design ideas and plant maintenance technique

Herb gardens have been part of our heritage for thousands of years. In the beginning they were a source of medicine, and today they are an essential part of the kitchen. 

Jekka's Herb Farm was born from a passion. Jekka and Mac McVicar first started planting organic herbs in 1984, on a small patch at their home in Bristol. A passion that outgrew their garden resulted in the move to Alveston in 1987, at which time the farm was growing 26 varieties of herbs; this has now increased to over 650 varieties, each one expertly hand raised and benefiting from years of experience in growing high quality organic herbs..

Jekka McVicar is renowned for her passion and knowledge of herbs with which she has worked for the last three decades.  She has been awarded the Gardeners Media Guild Life Time Achievement Award; ’for services to horticulture, design, education and communication and excellence in the field of organic herb growing.’ Keen to share her passion for herbs, Jekka has exhibited at the RHS Flower Shows for many years and has been awarded 62 RHS Gold Medals and, in 2009, the Lawrence Medal.  Jekka is also a Vice President of the RHS as well being awarded the Victoria Medal of Honour from RHS in 2017

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Jekka McVicar