Dahlia & Penstemon - Now In Stock on the Website!

During the last week of April we had one of the worst frosts we have experienced at the nursery for a good many years and we obviously weren't alone, much of southern England was hit.  Most of our outdoor grown stock has survived unscathed and those plants which were hit hard by the frost will live to fight another day - plants are generally tougher than you think. 

We are now hoping for a change in the weather and some consistently warmer night temperatures. With this in mind we have decided it is time to release our Dahlias and Penstemons from the protection of our polythene tunnel and to start selling them - they will still need protecting from frost and it would be wise to harden them off in your garden before planting them out. 

Once established the Penstemons will be hardy enough to survive most of our British winters as long as you don't prune them until after the last of the spring frosts. Dahlia and Penstemons are perfect for small gardens as they flower throughout the summer and on into the autumn. 

We have lots more information to help you choose and grow your Dahlias and Penstemons on the website.