And We Are Back - We are Slowly Restocking Our website!

6th May 2020

An update -

As you may be aware we are currently limiting the number of orders we accept each day.

Once we have reached our order limit for the day you will see a notice displayed across the top of the website and you will no longer be able to proceed through the checkout - however if you are already in the checkout you will still be able to place your order as normal.  We apologise in advance for any inconvenience this may cause.

We are now able to turn our website sales on and off with the flick of a switch rather than adding and removing stock each day - this means we can start adding to the amount of stock we have available for you to choose from and now you will still be able to "window shop" at any time of the day or night - so even if you are unable to buy you can still start working on those all important planting plans. 

And as our small on-site Mail Order team at Hardy's are catching up with gathering, packing and despatching our current orders we are able to increase the number of orders we can take each day.  

We will Open the website for Sales by 8am each day and remain open until we've reached our daily order limit - if we find we are regularly reaching our order limit before 8pm then we will change the time at which we make our on-line sales active each day in the hope that everyone will find a time which suits them. 

We know that not everyone gets up at 6.30am just to go on-line shopping, we also know that shopping for plants at 10am when you could be out in the garden doesn't work for some either.

You will find our Daily Opening Times just below the banner on our home page - once we have reached our order limit for the day we will advise you of our opening times for the following day. 

If you have a question relating to mail order or mail order delivery times please follow this link