Fertile soil
Reasonable soil
Pollinator friendly
Pot Size


Height x Spread: 150cm x 50cm

The popularity of DELPHINIUM never seems to wane as breeders continue to produce them in an ever increasing range of hues.  The individual flowers of 'Abgesang' are a wonderfully rich dark violet blue blushed with pale almost luminous purple, its richness cut through by a delicate central white bee.  Its foliage is attractive too, deeply cut and lush, it provides a useful foil for neighbouring early summer plants before the main event starts in mid summer when the flowers start to slowly open from their buds.

This hue is so versatile in the garden mixing with cooler hues such as pale purples, pinks and whites for a classic combination, or enhance its jewel-like colour with limes and oranges for a vibrant and zesty scheme.  It performs best when planted in full sun in a fertile, good soil, that is moist but free draining and does not fully dry out in the summer.