ALSTROEMERIA 'Layon' (Garden Series)

Part shade
Reasonable soil
Pot Size


Height x Spread:  70cm x 50cm 

A recent introduction to the 'Majestic' series, specially bred for tall upright stems and reliable successive blooming, its flowers are a subtle but exotic combination of two yellows - both soft and sharp - each highlighted with darker orange markings. 

Initially developed for floristry with long straight stems and able to last up to a fortnight in water, 'Majestic Layon' also makes a great plant for a partially shaded to sunny border or container as it flowers its socks off from mid summer into autumn.  Encouraging further blooms is easy and rather satisfying, simply pull faded stems carefully out of the plant from their base, rather than cutting.  Once established, which may require winter protection in colder areas for a period of two years, they become fairly undemanding, performing best in a reasonable, moist but free draining soil.