BERGENIA 'Diamond Drops'

Part shade
Well drained soil
Pollinator friendly
Pot Size


Height x Spread:  15cm x 15cm

'The best things come in small packages' suits BERGENIA 'Diamond Drops' rather well.  Despite a petite scale, its clusters of pure white flowers studded with lime green stamens really catch the eye.  Long flowering from April into June, once the charming flowers have faded it is the turn of its evergreen foliage to shine.  Initially fresh green, the 'elephant's ears' take on pinky-red and bronze autumnal tones that last into winter delivering year round interest. 

Perfect for a small garden where every plant has to bring value and earn its place, it also looks amazing planted in drifts through a woodland or edging a path.  Very unfussy, it can tolerate most conditions from sun to part shade but prefers a free draining soil.  Combine with ALCHEMILLA and BRUNNERA for a fresh spring vibe or GEUM 'Bell Bank' and GERANIUM phaeum var. phaeum 'Samobor' for an interesting modern colour combo'.