Well drained soil
Pot Size


Height x Spread: 45cm x 50cm 

As the popularity of EUPHORBIA continues to grow, more cultivars are being bred to meet the demand.  'Blue Haze' is a particularly attractive form with masses of stems, each cloaked with feather-like narrow blue-grey leaves creating a loose dome shape.  In late spring clouds of sulphur yellow bracts emerge creating a striking display that lasts into June. 

Easy to grow, as its foliage suggests it is adapted for full sun and will thrive in a free-draining soil.  We think its neat shape and bold colour combination make it an eye-catching shoo-in for a Mediterranean or gravel garden where it will sing out against jewel colours such as purples, blues and deep pinks.  Want to grow it but you are on heavy clay soil?  Try it in a container in a sunny spot where it will act as foil for other plants for most of the year.  Evergreen across most of the UK, in severe winters it can become semi-evergreen.

The sap is a harmful irritant to skin and eyes.

This Plant is featured within - Rosy's Planting Plan for a Drought Resistant Border