EUPHORBIA 'Whistleberry Garnet'

Part shade
Reasonable soil
Pot Size


Height x Spread:  75cm x 50cm

'Whistleberry Garnet' is one of those striking but useful evergreen plants that every gardener should know about.  Emerging from red winter buds, its lush green leaves are edged red but deeply flushed garnet beneath.  Attractive yes, but in April masses of long-lasting sharp lime-green bracts appear, each highlighted with a dark red centre, the marriage of flower and foliage is simply stunning but oh so sophisticated.  

Thriving in partial shade, it is an excellent candidate for a shadier area of the garden where its glorious colour combo will sing out, or planted in drifts through a woodland garden, mixed with Pulmonaria and ferns.  If space is limited, use it in a shady container where it will set off clear blue, true reds, bright greens and sulphur yellows a treat.  It can tolerate most soils bar very moist.  

The sap is a harmful irritant to skin and eyes.