SAXIFRAGA fortunei 'Silver Velvet'

Part shade
Fertile soil
Reasonable soil
Pot Size


Height x Spread:  20cm x 30cm

Specially selected by Rosy Hardy for the nursery due to its stunning foliage and ability to thrive in partial to deep shade, 'Silver Velvet' forms tidy mounds of gently scalloped leaves, each a chalky reddish-brown with a distinctive white veining radiating out from its base.  In autumn the display goes up a gear when clusters of loose star-like white flowers appear gently dancing in the breeze.  


Like Saxifraga fortunaei 'Shiranami' it performs best in a damp, humus-rich soil with some drainage, but which does not dry out in the summer.  Perfect for an alpine rockery or woodland garden, display it to advantage in an autumn window box or hanging basket where you can enjoy the flowers.  Makes rather handsome groundcover too.