PAPAVER orientale 'Aglaja'

Well drained soil
RHS Award of Garden Merit
Bee friendly
Pot Size


Height x Spread:  70cm x 60cm

Highly prized for its knock-out flowers of frilled salmon-orange petals surrounding a dark, almost black centre, held aloft on sturdy stems over fuzzy, green divided foliage.  

Unashamedly flamboyant in style, they are perfect for injecting impact and interest into an early summer border before dying back.  Plant them in groups at the front or towards the middle of a bed and try combining them with rusty reds, dark purples and whites for eye-catching contrasts.  This iconic cottage garden plant is also great for a wildlife garden, as bees love them.  It needs a site in full sun in fertile, free draining soil to thrive.  A little tip - removing untidy faded foliage in mid summer encourages the leaves to regrow.