DELPHINIUM 'Pagan Purples' (New Millennium Series)

Fertile soil
Well drained soil
Pot Size


Height x Spread: 180cm x 60cm

Bold spikes of vibrant purple semi-double flowers stand soldier-like on parade in a stunning mid summer display.

One of the New Millenium Delphinium Series bred in New Zealand for their height and intense colours, 'Pagan Purples' really packs a punch in a mixed or herbaceous border.  Place it towards the back in groupings where it will catch the eye, helping to add verticality, structure and rhythm.  For a dazzling combination try oranges and yellows, or play it cooler with whites and pinks.  It prefers a good soil that is free-draining in a sunny position.   

Harmful if eaten. 

Available for Mail Order from April -  August.