LUPINUS 'Persian Slipper' PBR

Fertile soil
Reasonable soil
Pot Size


Height x Spread: 75cm x 50cm

One of the more flamboyant midsummer cottage garden stalwarts, 'Persian Slipper' PBR boasts chunky upright spires of smoky purplish-blue flowers with white flecks that soar above bushy mid green divided foliage.  After this impressive display is over, cut back the faded flower stems before the seedpods appear hard to the ground to encourage a second flush.

Ideal for adding drama and verticality to the middle layer of a sunny or very lightly shaded herbaceous border, it combines deliciously with softer toned forms of SIDALCEA, ASTRANTIA and GERANIUM in an interesting mix of colour, form and texture.  Like other LUPINUS it is a hungry plant.  For the best performance plant it in a light, fertile, humus-enriched soil that does not over dry out in the summer.