RODGERSIA sambucifolia

Part shade
Fertile soil
Moisture retentive soil
Pot Size


Height x Spread: 90cm x 90cm

Naturally found occurring in damp meadows and forests in Western China, this fine form of RODGERSIA has the same heavily textured glossy leaves as its cousins, similarly arranged like the fingers of a hand, but the individual leaves are slightly more rounded plus initially open and remain green.  By contrast it carries tall spikes of fluffy creamy-white flowers in mid to late summer, which soar above the dense, almost tropical leaves.

Bold and architectural, it is a favourite with designers creating a bog, river's edge or fringe of woodland garden as it adds drama plus provides a foil for finer leaved plants such as ferns, ASTILBE and ARUNCUS.  For the best performance, plant it in the sun or part shade away from drying winds in a fertile, moisture retentive soil.  It loves a heavy clay soil but can tolerate slightly drier soils if planted in the shade.