Planting for Bees - The Little Honey Bee Company

Hardy's Cottage Garden Plants
20th June 2019

Michelle of The Little Honey Bee Company will be speaking about the relationship between plants and bees

Even if you only have planting containers you can still plant for bees.

The Little Honey Bee Company is based in Surrey.

Honey bees will forage for up to 3 miles (and sometimes even further!) which means that Michelle's bees are foraging on a wide range of flowers in parks, gardens, allotments and hedgerows. This produces a wonderful floral honey which will differ from year to year depending on the forage available. 

Honey and beeswax are harvested from these hives to be used in the range of honey & beeswax skin care and bath products that are produced at Michelle's home in small batches.

Michelle strongly believe bees should have their own food wherever possible so will only ever take the honey the bees can afford to give us. You can therefore be sure that  their honey has not been taken at the expense of the bees.

important information, please read before placing your booking 

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