Achieving the "Rosy Hardy" look with your annuals

If you have visited our floral exhibits at the various flower shows we attend throughout the year, you may well have seen many of our favourite annuals displayed alongside the perennials we are famed for. They look fabulous when mixed with your perennial plantings. Some of the varieties we sell self-seed happily and are just perfect for creating that quintessential, relaxed cottage garden style of planting so many of us seek to achieve.

"Most forget that annuals from seed are such an easy option, as space fillers. 

The idea that new borders will fill up quickly is out of the question unless stuffed full. So plug those gaps with some wonderful annuals grown from seed. The best way is to sow in pots and prick out into plug cells. Once hardened off, plant out the plugs in the gaps

Do you want colour co-ordination or just a riot? Annuals with branching habit and good leaves perform the best. 

Cosmos make brilliant filler plants and flower through to the Autumn.

Cleome also really tall and great for giving a different shape and feel to a border. 

If it's the front edges that need filling up you can't go far wrong with Marigolds, and remember that they help to keep away aphids. 

I say mix and match the annuals with your other plants to give that jolly feel, a lot will self-seed and pop up next year in unexpected places, but that is the fun of gardening and plants "  Rosy Hardy