ROSYS Cottage Garden Seed Collection

Seed Packet


7 x Packets of seed for £12.50 

This Seed Collection is made up of plants which self-seed happily and are just perfect for creating that quintessential, relaxed cottage garden style of planting so many of us seek to achieve - Full sowing instructions are given on each packet. 

The 'Cottage Garden Seed Collection' contains one seed packet of each of the following: 

AQUILEGIA 'William Guinness' (Seed) - Average content per packet: 100 seeds 

Height: 75cm. Striking single flowers with purple black petals and contrasting white corollas. Makes a good cut flower. Plant in groups in the border to make a dramatic display. Hardy perennial.

CERINTHE major 'Purpurascens' (Seed) - Average content per packet: 40 seeds

Height: 65-75cm. Exotic looking foliage plant for borders or patio. Cerinthe has fleshy, silvery-green leaves topped with deep blue bracts and purple bell shaped flowers, which are bee and butterfly attractants. Drought tolerant, enjoys sun or semi-shade. Can be used as a cut flower. 

DIGITALIS purpurea Apricot (Seed) - Average content per packet: 500 seeds 

Height 1.5m. Lovely, apricot flowered foxglove suitable for either sun or part shade. (All parts are poisonous.) 

ERYNGIUM 'Miss Willmott's Ghost' (Seed) - Average content per packet: 30 seeds

Height: 90cm. A stately perennial, with rosettes of green heart shaped basal leaves exploding into tall umbels of large green flowers maturing to silver, with prickly grey bracts in late summer. Cut flower potential and bee and butterfly attractant. Short lived perennial. 

NIGELLA Cottage Garden Curiosity Blend (Seed) -  Average content per packet: 1000 seeds

Height: 45-75cm. An easily grown annual with a delightful range of flowers in various shades of blue. Flowers are followed by curious seed pods. They will self-seed readily but are best sown every year to maintain vigour. 

PAPAVER paeoniflorum 'Black Peony' (Seed) - Average content per packet: 700 seeds

Height: 90cm. Large, double flowered poppy. Produces very dark purple, almost black flowers throughout the Summer, with attractive grey-green foliage. Hardy annual. 

VERBENA bonariensis (Seed) - Average content per packet: 200 seeds

Height x Spread: 1.2m. This native to South America is a tall perennial with branching stems that bear clusters of tiny violet flowers during summer. It's a plant which self-seeds freely, bees go mad for this tender perennial. 

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