DAUCUS carota 'Dara'

Reasonable soil
Well drained soil
Seed Packet


Height x Spread: 120cm x 50cm

Umbellifers continue to delight and attract new admirers each season and we are always on the hunt for new cultivars.  ‘Dara’ is a form of wild carrot which has been a hit both at the shows and nursery with its delicate filigree umbel flowerheads like large lacy doilies sitting pretty on willowy stems above divided foliage.

What makes it different is its gorgeous midsummer into autumn floral palette with flowers opening either white, pale pink or wine red before gently closing to form intricate seedheads that last into early winter.  Effortlessly graceful it is a shoe-in for a naturalistic planting scheme combined with ornamental grasses, or a wildlife garden as bees and other pollinators love its nectar-rich flowers.  Biennial, it prefers a poor to slightly fertile free-draining soil where it will self-seed readily.  

Average content per packet: 250 seeds



Carrot is a biennial and most plants will stay short and vegetative in year 1, pushing up the flow stem in summer of second season. With early spring sowing some plants will flower same, year so both techniques are possible.

Spring: February - May

Autumn: Late July to September


Can be transplanted with care from early sowings, but seedlings have a long tap root direct seeding is preferred. Choose a free draining site, and prepare to a thin tilth.


Sow thinly, 1-1.5 cm deep, and aim for final plant spacing 30-40cm apart. 

Flower - June onwards to September year 2. Dara will self-seed, but take care to identify the long grass-like first leaves of seedings when weeding.