Reasonable soil
Pot Size


Height x Spread: 65cm x 60cm

Bred in the UK and launched in 2019 at the RHS Malvern Flower Show the Ranunculus Rococo Series are bound to become a popular addition to any garden.

The large flowers which are held on long, strong branching stems are perfect for cutting, lasting in a vase for around 10 to 14 days. Pop plants in to a container to add long lasting colour to your patio . They are equally happy growing in the flower border - this new Ranunculus is winter hardy!


Ranunculus 'Rococo Series' John Fielding, the breeder, writes "Well over 20 years ago I attempted some crosses with Ranunculus asiaticus and other species. The resulting hybrids proved to be remarkably hardy winter growing perennials and have experienced -15ºC without harm in UK conditions. Given the Mediterranean origin of the parent Ranunculus asiaticus they are tuberous rooted and go through a summer dormant period. During this time they are more than happy to be totally dry but can remain in the ground if not watered or can be lifted and stored in a cool, dry place”

“They respond dramatically to feeding and put on masses of growth producing more flowers per stem than typical Ranunculus asiaticus. The thicker stems are also more robust meaning staking is not necessary and have proved themselves as excellent weather proof cut flowers. They are also excellent bedding plants associating well with late flowering tulips and other spring bedding flowering in early May. The many side buds continue to flower as the first flowers fall. The flowers develop a two tone effect as they age which is particularly attractive.”