Mail Order Delivery Times & FAQs

Mail Order Dispatch Times For Orders Currently Being Picked. 

Orders are currently taking 1- 6 working days from order being placed to dispatch. 
We will email you 1-3  working days before we dispatch your order. 

Once your order has left us you will receive an email from our courier with the expected date of delivery.  The courier's email will include a tracking number. 

Please allow up to 7 working days between the placing of an order and delivery.  We dispatch Mondays - Thursdays, excluding bank holidays.


Frequently asked questions.

I was about to place an order and now I can't go through the checkout  ? 

During periods of very high demand we may choose to impose a limit on the number of orders we accept each day. Once we have reached our order limit for the day you will see a notice displayed across the top of the website and you will no longer be able to proceed through the checkout - however if you are already in the checkout you will still be able to place your order as normal.  We apologise in advance for any inconvenience this may cause.

You will still be able to "window shop" at any time of the day or night - so even if you are unable to buy you can still start working on those all important planting plans.  

My card payment is being rejected at the checkout stage? 

If you experience issues with payments, it maybe that Barclaycard are running one their occasional maintenance procedures, please wait a few minutes and try again.

We use Barclaycard as our secure on-line payment provider and they favour the use of the following web browsers, if you are having issues with payment please use one of the following: 

  • Internet Explorer: 11, 10, 9
  • Firefox: 37, 36, 35
  • Chrome: 41, 40,39
  • Safari: 8, 7, 6

If you are still having issues please take a screen shot of your order and email this along with your contact details to [email protected]  We will then contact you with reference to payment prior to processing your order. 

Can I place an order over the phone ?

We can only deal with phone enquiries between 9.30am and 1pm Monday - Friday excluding Bank Holidays.  If you would like to order plants please can you order online through the website. Please follow this link for current anticipated delivery times. 

Why have I not had an order confirmation? 

First please check your junk mail, if you still can't see your email confirmation please email us. [email protected] 

I have had an order confirmation but I haven't heard anything since ?

We'll  email you when we have collated your order. This will let you know when we expect it to leave us.  Please contact us if you have a problem with our likely delivery date.  

Once your order has left us, you'll receive an email from our courier, DHL, which will include a tracking number and expected date of delivery. IF for any reason you do not receive your order within the given timescale please advise us,  [email protected]  we will then contact our courier. 

I have placed 2 orders can you combine them? 

Yes, assuming we have not already packed your order.  Please email us [email protected] and we will do our best to ensure that your orders are united and sent out as one.  Please note that this will delay your original order - the dispatch date will be based on the date that the second order was placed. Follow this link for our current dispatch times. 

I've received my order but why are some plants missing ? 

On occasions we are unable to fulfil orders this can be due to a number of reasons, living plants are unlike many other commodities.  We reserve the right to remove plants from orders for the following reasons;

  • Poor stock quality -  possibly due to but not limited to the following; pest/disease or frost damage
  • We suspect that our stock may be incorrectly named - thankfully this is rare. 

We endeavour to remove stock from the website OR only offer it via our local *Click & Collect from our Nursery Shop' service before it either becomes physically too large to send or too fragile to withstand packing. 

When you receive your order you will also receive an updated copy of your order invoice detailing the plants we've charged you for, any plants which do not appear on the list will not be charged for and the money will be refunded to your account. Refunds will take approximately 10 business days to reach your account once they have been processed, sadly the time scales involved are out of our control. 

If you have any further concerns relating to payments you have made please email us [email protected] 

*Click and Collect from the Nursery Shop. (Hampshire,UK)

If you live in our area and would like to collect your plants rather than have them delivered you can convert your order to 'Click and Collect' once you reach the wheelbarrow. We hasten to add it will still take us a minimum of 48hrs to gather your order and contact you. And we would ask you not to visit the nursery just on the off chance that your order will be ready.  You will find that some plants listed on the website are only available via 'Click and Collect'. As stated above this enables us to include plants that we only ever have in very small quantities; or plants which are either just too delicate or too large to send via mail order courier, and allows customers who intend to visit the nursery to reserve them in advance. This also currently applies to MELCOURT SYLVAGROW® Compost.

Once our team have gathered your 'Click and Collect' order you will receive an email asking you to confirm when you will be collecting your order - we cannot hold orders for a period of more than 10 working days . 

*PLEASE NOTE* - Our office is unmanned at weekends and on bank holidays so any 'Click and Collect' orders placed after 4pm on Fridays will not be processed until Monday. 

How can I tell when a plant is either "temporarily out of stock" or "sold out" for the current growing season or year ?

Keeping track of all of our stock all of the time can be a complex task. Stock availability via the website.  

Available – stock is available to buy online for mail order delivery, for click and collect or through our nursery shop.

Out of stock -  more to come. Stock is temporarily unavailable. We walk round and assess our stock as fit for sale on a regular basis, and when stock is fit for sale we’ll add it to our shop.  If stock is showing as sold out, check back in a couple of days when more stock may have been added.

Click and collect only – this stock is only available for collection from our Hampshire nursery shop. This may be because the plant is too fragile or too large to post. If you order click and collect, your plant choices are guaranteed when you pay online.

Currently unavailable online – means you may be able to buy this plant at our Hampshire shop, but not have it delivered by mail order.  If you are planning a specific trip to the nursery to look for a specific plant, email or give us a call in advance to avoid disappointment. We can’t guarantee the plants you require will be here unless you contact us in advance.

Currently unavailable - we don’t have any stock available for selling, however we plan to have stock either before the end of the current growing season or during the next growing year. Stock is not currently available in the shop, for click and collect or for mail order. 


Why are you still using black plastic pots ?

Our current policy on the use of plastic pots is as follows - we have not started using the taupe pots because we feel that at this stage they only serve to confuse; yes they are recyclable but so are our current black pots. The advantage of taupe pots is that taupe is a colour that can be "seen" by the sorting machines which sort out our recycling but many council's will still not recycle PP5 plastic whether it is black or the currently more expensive taupe pot - Hampshire included ( we welcome feed back on this as we realise that this is an evolving situation).  At the nursery we re-use our pots until they are no longer fit for purpose and then recycle all of our recyclable plastic waste with a local, commercial recycling centre. We would encourage you to re-use pots or give them to friends who might find them useful. 

We have been looking at various plastic pot alternatives with the specific aim of using them for our mail order service. Some of the most promising products are currently only in their trial stages and we are eagerly waiting for them to become commercially available.     

IF you can't find the answer you are looking for here you may find an answer within our  Terms and Conditions