Mail Order Delivery Times & FAQs

Covid-19 Statement

Due to the ongoing crisis we are currently running the nursery with a skeleton staff , this is to enable us to maintain correct social distancing.  We have 3 people on-site actively gathering and packing mail order for despatch via our mail order courier and 2 members of staff maintaining the nursery and delivering local orders. 

Therefore we are gathering and despatching orders at a far slower rate than normal.

As with most companies offering a mail order service we have seen a huge increase in the number of orders placed - this is of course a blessing in these worrying times and we are extremely grateful to you, our customers for your support.

Thank you for your patience at this time. 

Mail Order Despatch Times For Orders Currently Being Picked. 


11th (PM) May to 15th May


15th May Onwards





You will receive an individual delivery notification once your order has been boxed and is awaiting despatch

 We are anticipating a 14 to 21day wait between the placing of an order and delivery PLEASE ALLOW AN EXTRA 2 DAYS FOR ORDERS PLACED PRIOR TO A BANK HOLIDAY. Edited 17 May 2020

Frequently asked questions.

I was about to place an order and now I can't go through the checkout  ? 

As you may be aware we are currently limiting the number of orders we accept each day. Once we have reached our order limit for the day you will see a notice displayed across the top of the website and you will no longer be able to proceed through the checkout - however if you are already in the checkout you will still be able to place your order as normal.  We apologise in advance for any inconvenience this may cause.

We are now able to turn our website sales on and off with the flick of a switch rather than adding and removing stock each day - this means we can start adding to the amount of stock we have available for you to choose from and now you will still be able to "window shop" at any time of the day or night - so even if you are unable to buy you can still start working on those all important planting plans. 

Can I place an order via the phone please?

Currently we have no members of staff to answer phone enquiries. If you would like to order plants please can you order online through the website. Please follow this link for current anticipated delivery times. 

Why have I not had an order confirmation? 

First please check your junk mail, if you still can't see your email confirmation please email us. 

Orders sometime arrive as incomplete on our system - this appears to be an issue with our secure on-line card processing service and as such is out of our control. Once we have established that a payment has been made we will send an email confirmation.

I have had an order confirmation but I haven't heard anything since ?

You will not receive another update from us until we are about to despatch your order, at which point you will receive an email to tell you that we have collated your order and we are about to despatch it - in reality your order may have been gathered several days earlier. IF you have an issue with the anticipated delivery date given on this email please advise us asap. so that we can delay sending / organise a more convenient delivery date. 

Lastly you will receive an email to tell you that your order has been despatched via our courier - IF for any reason you do not receive your order within the given timescale please advise us,  we will then contact our courier. 

I have placed 2 orders can you combine them? 

Yes, assuming we have not already packed your order.  Please email us and we will do our best to ensure that your orders are united and sent out as one.  Please note that this will delay your original order - the despatch date will be based on the date that the second order was placed. Follow this link for our current despatch times. 

How do I place an order if I want to take advantage of your local delivery service?  SORRY WE HAVE SUSPENDED OUR LOCAL DELIVERY SERVICE

If you live within a 20 mile radius of the nursery we offer a local delivery service - to qualify for this orders must be over the value of £60. You will need to select your local area from the drop down counties when going through the check out process e.g  Hampshire Odiham for more information follow this link 

I have placed an order for local delivery but have been charged the normal delivery fee ? SORRY WE HAVE SUSPENDED OUR LOCAL DELIVERY SERVICE 

We will refund delivery charges where they have been added in error.  Our team will correct payments as they process the orders. Refunds will take approximately 10 business days to reach your account once they have been processed, sadly the time scales involved are out of our control. 

I've received my order but why are some plants missing ? 

On occasions we are unable to fulfil orders this can be due to a number of reasons, living plants are unlike many other commodities.  We reserve the right to remove plants from orders for the following reasons;

  • Poor stock quality -  possibly due to but not limited to the following; pest/disease or frost damage
  • We suspect that our stock may be incorrectly named - thankfully this is rare. 

We endeavour to remove stock from the website before it either becomes physically too large to send or too fragile to withstand packing. 

When you receive your order you will also receive an updated copy of your order invoice detailing the plants we've charged you for, any plants which do not appear on the list will not be charged for and the money will be refunded to your account. Refunds will take approximately 10 business days to reach your account once they have been processed, sadly the time scales involved are out of our control. 

If you have any further concerns relating to payments you have made please email us 

I have received my order but it is packed with something which looks like polystyrene, how can I dispose of this ? 

It is in fact a product called EcoFlo which in the words of the manufacturer " is biodegradable and conforms to EN13432, making it suitable for domestic or municipal compost. It will dissolve in water which eliminates the problem of littering. Starch is an annually renewable resource, not a depleting resource like petro-chemical based polystyrene." 

Other packing materials include Ecolander compostable bags, green flower canes which you may find a use for within the garden and double walled cardboard boxes. 

Why are you still using black plastic pots ?

Our current policy on the use of plastic pots is as follows - we have not started using the taupe pots because we feel that at this stage they only serve to confuse; yes they are recyclable but so are our current black pots. The advantage of taupe pots is that taupe is a colour that can be "seen" by the sorting machines which sort out our recycling but many council's will still not recycle PP5 plastic whether it is black or the currently more expensive taupe pot - Hampshire included ( we welcome feed back on this as we realise that this is an evolving situation).  At the nursery we re-use our pots until they are no longer fit for purpose and then recycle all of our recyclable plastic waste with a local, commercial recycling centre. We would encourage you to re-use pots or give them to friends who might find them useful. 

We have been looking at various plastic pot alternatives with the specific aim of using them for our mail order service. Some of the most promising products are currently only in their trial stages and we are eagerly waiting for them to become commercially available.     

IF you can't find the answer you are looking for here you may find an answer within our  Terms and Conditions