Count Down to RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2021

After making the decision in 2019 that Chelsea Flower Show 2020 was going to be our last one, the cancellation of Chelsea brought with it a feeling of both relief and sadness. We have a brilliant sponsor in Candide, who have stuck with us. So it was an easy decision to move forward and decide that we would still do our last Chelsea Flower Show, in 2021.  This does not mean that we will not be at other shows in the future, it is just to Chelsea that we are saying farewell.  

Follow our story, month by month from start to finish


Countdown to Chelsea 2021 November


November 2020

For RHS Chelsea 2021 the original plan for our display will be used. We may have to make minor tweaks as it is designed as a walk through, a one-way system for the public is something we may have to implement.  

All the trees and hedging were purchased from a British nursery last year and we have been looking after them ever since. Lets hope they have not grown too much in a years time!


Chelsea 2021

As we head into the winter months all our show plants are starting to be re-potted and split as required. The display area will be the largest indoor display we have ever built at Chelsea Flower Show. This plan required many more plants which, back in March of this year, were all ready to be grown on and moved in and out of tunnels. But obviously it never happened. These plants instead stayed in their growing area flowering, without many people getting to see their beauty. 

At the moment we are not sure if we will be launching any new plants. But watch this space!! 

The plant selection we will be displaying will be varied and numerous. This enables me to showcase them at their best, in a design that holds to my mantra of ‘Right Plant, Right Place’.  

There will be a wooden structure at the start of the garden. All the wood has been sourced and we have tasked Object Atelier to build this, a very talented group of bespoke furnituremakers and craftsmen. In general we have made a concerted effort to ensure all items used for the display have been manufactured in the UK. 


Chelsea 2021

On this, our last Chelsea show we are going to be documenting all the exciting developments in the lead up, including some great memories from past and present. 


So let the countdown to Chelsea 2021 begin........