POLYSTICHUM neolobatum

Part shade
Fertile soil
Reasonable soil
Well drained soil
Pot Size


Polystichum neolobatum

Height x Spread 10-50cm x 10-50cm

This is a tough evergreen fern sporting striking, glossy, deep green fronds with furry mid-ribs. Happy in part shade to shade it is totally cold hardy in the UK and will thrive in almost any soil type except that which becomes water-logged. 

Sometimes known as the Asian Sabre Fern, this particular plant is not often seen for sale but is quite sought after by enthusiasts. Easy to grow and tough, it makes a great statement plant in a fernery or Victorian stumpery as well as doing well in a woodland setting or planted in the shade of trees and large shrubs. It will scorch if placed in a sunny position. Drought tolerant once established it prefers, but is not exclusive to, moist but free draining soil.

Remove old fronds at the base as new growth emerges from the centre of the crown. 

This plant is of no interest to deer, rabbits, slugs or snails.