PELLAEA rotundifolia

Part shade
Fertile soil
Reasonable soil
Well drained soil
Pot Size


Pellaea rotundifolia

Height x Spread 10-50cm x 10-50cm

This is a native of New Zealand and is a tender evergreen fern which is ideal for part shade in a frost free, sheltered site, but can also be used as a house plant. It will not tolerate being frozen so growing it in a pot which can be moved inside over winter is ideal.  

Each frond is composted of a dark mid-rib and small circular leaflets arranged along its length. Easy to grow,  it can be split every few years. 

The plant produces an almost flat rosette and the fronds can reach up to 25cm in length. 

Fantastic for mixing with part-shade loving plants such as Fuchsia and Begonia, it can be used to add texture to a sheltered arrangement of pots on a patio or seating area that is not in full sun all day. 

Deer, rabbits, slugs and snails have no interest in this plant.