MISCANTHUS sinensis 'Navajo' PBR

Well drained soil
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Miscanthus sinensis 'Navajo' PBR

Height x Spread: 125cm x 50-100cm

'Navajo' is a clump forming deciduous grass that provides interest all year. It has narrow arching blade like leaves which are flushed red in Spring. In Summer they darken to olive green before taking on bronze and red hues in Autumn. In Winter the leaves dry to pale brown.  The fluffy flower heads open in in late Summer and are silvery pink fading to silver in late Autumn. These persist throughout the Winter. So, the plant provides structure, movement, sound and colour all year. The flower heads look beautiful frosted or covered in morning dew.

Cut old growth back in early Spring to allow new growth to emerge cleanly. It is happy in any soil pH as long as it is moist but well drained. The plant is hardy to -15 degrees Celsius as long as it is not left in prolonged Winter wet. Grasses are very hardy plants but hate the extremes of wet or drought.  Established clumps can be divided in early Spring but can be slow to establish.

Perfect for inclusion in architectural, prairie, coastal, courtyard, gravel, wildlife, cottage and informal garden schemes. The stems can also be used in flower arrangements. Generally, pest and disease free.