MOLINIA caerulea subsp. a. 'Skyracer'

Reasonable soil
Pot Size


Height x Spread:  210cm x 70cm

Rather aptly named, 'Skyracer' is the tallest grass that we stock at the nursery.  Like other MOLINIA caerulea cultivars' it is upright in habit creating a gentle vase shape when fully grown with dancing panicles of purple flowers in summer followed by graceful seedheads.  These are held on slender stems above lush clumps of narrow grass foliage.

But its value to the garden does not stop there as the grass gently fades to a warm golden yellow in autumn then to buff in winter and can stay upright into late February when you should cut it back to just above soil level.  Being both architectural and transparent, 'Skyracer' has many uses in the garden from adding structure and height to the back of the border to gentle movement and sound.  It is especially effective planted in weaving drifts through the garden helping to unify diverse elements while also providing winter structure.  Perfect for prairie planting schemes it thrives in  full sun in any fairly fertile, good soil.