Shrubs of all sizes can provide year round structural elements within the garden. We list many subshrubs* some of which may seem to cross the boundary between herbaceous perennial and shrub. (*Subshrubs can be defined either as (a) a perennial herb with a woody base and partially soft stems or (b) a very low growing but truly woody shrub.)

Larger shrubs are useful for adding shape and height to beds and borders, providing pleasing backdrops for plantings of perennials and they can be used to divide areas within the garden and mask unsightly views. Evergreen shrubs, which retain their leaves all year, are useful for providing interest in the garden in the depths of winter and can act as a wind break, creating a microclimate to help protect less hardy species.

Deciduous shrubs, which shed their leaves in winter, often have spectacular autumn colour. Some deciduous shrubs, such as LONICERA x purpusii'Winter Beauty' flower on their bare branches in winter and have stunning fragrance to boot. 

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