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We now have 50ltr Sacks of Melcourt SylvaGrow® Available Exclusively via our Home Delivery Service and only while stocks last, please use the comments box to request Melcourt SylvaGrow® when placing your order - we are limiting customers to a maximum of 5 bags/delivery. Updated on 17 April 2020

All of our plants are grown in Melcourt SylvaGrow® . Now you can buy the growing media that so many nurserymen are using instead of peat based composts.

Available in either a 50Ltr Bag £8.50  Or a 15Ltr Bag  £3.50

Melcourt SylvaGrow® is a unique blend of fine bark, wood fibre (bi-products of sustainably managed British forests) and coir (from a single, known source). It contains balanced nutrients sufficient for the first 4 - 6 weeks of growth. This growing medium is widely used throughout the UK by professional growers and is suitable for a wide range of uses around the garden. Melcourt SylvaGrow® contains no peat or green waste compost


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