Plastic - a growing issue

At the moment we are being bombarded by the media telling us how bad plastic is for our environment. As growers we are heavily dependent on plastic, we use plastic pots, labels and our compost comes in plastic bags, we obviously can't change things overnight.

But we can, with the help of our customers, start to decrease our use, we can and do reuse our pots - if you have purchased plants from us we are more than happy for you to return your old pots to us here at the nursery.

Where possible we prefer to use old cardboard boxes instead of plastic bags for packing your plant purchases at the nursery OR use boxes or bags which our customers bring with them. 

It took us a few years to become peat free and no doubt it will take the horticultural industry a few years to become less dependent on plastics but as the focus on plastic increases hopefully technology will provide us with practical alternatives which are friendly to our environment.


Watch this space - we shall be updating it as we make progress with our policy on plastics.


The Hardy's Team