Snowdrops Available Now to Buy ‘in the green’

We think you will agree that Galanthus, commonly known as snowdrops, are so very welcome this year, perhaps more than ever? 

The snowdrop season is now in full swing. You may have seen Rosy talking about the collection of snowdrops in her garden on her recent YouTube clip



We currently have snowdrops available to purchase from the nursery ‘in the green’ for local click & collect or via mail order.  Unlike many bulbous plants, which can be dried out and planted successfully in autumn, snowdrops really establish much better if drying is avoided and they are planted ‘in the green’.

If you have not heard of this before, it simply means planting them shortly after flowering while they still have their leaves, around this time of year. The leaves also ensures that the plant can restore energy, capturing it in the bulb through photosynthesis, ready to produce flowers the following year. 

To ensure good establishment plant as soon after you get them as possible, at the same depth that they were growing before lifting, the change in colour of the leaf indicates how deep. They prefer dappled shade, so it might be worth considering this when deciding where to plant them in the garden.  Plant in a hole with some compost or leaf mould at the bottom, carefully pressing down the soil around and finally watering in.  Just avoid planting when the soil is frozen. 

For inspiration, the National Garden Scheme has a great selection of gardens to view virtually online. What a great way to compile a list of which gardens to visit post-lockdown.