AGAPANTHUS Queen Mum ('Pmn06' PBR)

Fertile soil
Reasonable soil
Pollinator friendly
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Agapanthus Queen Mum ('Pmn06' PBR)

Height & Spread: 120cm x 50cm

This large and showy bi-coloured cultivar thrives in warm sunny and sheltered gardens in southerly and coastal parts of the UK but does require a dry mulch of leaves or straw in winter to protect the crown. The rounded flower heads hold clusters of large white trumpet shaped flowers with a blue base from mid to late Summer that attract bees. 

It requires moist but free-draining soil of any pH and a sheltered site will protect the large flower heads from the wind. 

Ideal for mass planting and use as a cut flower, it also works well in courtyard, city, coastal, wildlife and cottage style planting schemes. Gravel and Mediterranean gardens are well suited to the dramatic architectural form of this ever popular genus. 


All parts of the plants are toxic to humans and animals if ingested.