ALLIUM lusitanicum

Part shade
Well drained soil
Pollinator friendly
100% Peat Free
Pot Size


Allium lusitanicum

Height x Spread:  30cm x 20cm

As its common name 'mountain garlic' suggests Allium lusitanicum is naturally found in alpine meadows. Flowering from mid to late summer, it readily forms clumps of neat pale purple flowers that resemble chives with aromatic strappy pale green foliage.

Preferring rich free-draining soil in either a sunny or partially shaded spot, it is an interesting and unusual choice for a meadow, cottage or wildlife garden, where it will be keenly sought out by butterflies.  But just like chives, it is likely to self seed and wander gently around your garden.  If you want to keep it in check simply deadhead after flowering.