ROSCOEA cautleyoides

Part shade
Reasonable soil
Pot Size


Height x Spread:  45cm x 30cm

A member of the ginger family from China, Roscoea cautleyoides' elegant pale yellow flowers, not unlike an orchid in appearance, would suggest a warm tropical climate as their place of origin.  In fact they are found growing in cooler mountainous regions, preferring a fairly fertile, damp but free-draining soil in cool partial shade, sheltered from cold winds. 

This hardy tuberous perennial does not emerge from the ground until early summer, (be careful not to dig it up in error), actually flowering from June to August on upright stems flanked by narrow leaves.  Ideal for planting beneath shrubs, roses and even woodland trees in dappled shade, its soft yellow hue gently shines out of the light gloom. In very cold winters, apply a deep layer of organic mulch.