DIANTHUS carthusianorum

Well drained soil
100% Peat Free
Pot Size


Dianthus carthusianorum

Height and Spread: 50cm x 40cm

Dianthus carthusianorum produces clusters of beautifully fringed magenta flowers over dark green narrow, evergreen foliage - this seed raised species can be slightly variable in flower colour and eventual height. Commonly known as the German Pink, it is naturally found throughout central Europe.  Long flowering from mid summer into autumn with regular deadheading, try to retain some of the dark seed heads for added interest in the winter.

Tough and hardy, it thrives in a well-drained neutral to alkaline soil in full sun.  A strong candidate for a gravel garden, where its delicate silhouette can be highlighted, it also makes superb for edging for borders and pathways.  A good choice for your wildflower meadow too or combined with Molinia.

Available for Mail Order from April -  August