DICENTRA formosa

Part shade
Reasonable soil
Pot Size


Dicentra formosa

Height x Spread: 30cm x 75cm

Widely known as 'Common' or 'Western Bleeding Heart', this Dicentra forms mounds of delicate fern-like mid-green foliage above which hang dainty pale pink heart-shaped flowers.

This tough perennial prefers part shade where it can slowly spread to form delicate drifts that look wonderful contrasted against Tiarellas, Hellebores or Hostas.  Perfect for the dappled shade of a woodland garden or under-planting deciduous shrubs, they flower for ages before dying back in early summer. Dicentra formosa grows best in a neutral to mildly alkaline, moist, fertile soil enriched with humus.  It prefers part shade, but can tolerate more sun with a moist soil. 

All parts cause stomach ache if ingested.