HESPERANTHA coccinea 'Snow Maiden'

Fertile soil
Reasonable soil
Pollinator friendly
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Hesperantha coccinea 'Snow Maiden'

Height x Spread: 70cm x 30cm

A semi-evergreen rhizomatous perennial, native to South Africa, Snow Maiden' is said to be one of the best white forms or this late flowering plant. The sword shaped foliage is bright green and the tall stems have bud arranged in a similar manner to a Gladiolus. The flowers bloom from September to December, depending on the temperature, and have six bright white petals . 

'Snow Maiden' prefers moist but free draining soil in full sun or partial shade in a site that is protected from the wind and the worst of the frosts. Protection in the form of dry mulch like leaves or straw will help to protect the crown and any newly emerging buds. Established clumps can be divided in Spring. 

Ideal as long lasting cut flowers, they will also work well in  free-draining waterside, wildlife, cottage and informal gardens.