STOKESIA laevis 'Mel's' PBR

Reasonable soil
Pot Size


Height x Spread: 30cm x 30cm 

Dive right into the large deep lavender-blue slightly shaggy flowers of this wonderful form of 'Stoke’s Aster' and you will be a lost cause. 

Despite its size the blooms really pack a punch in a mid to late summer border held upright on stocky stems, drawing and holding your gaze.  There are very few flowers that match it for colour and intense hue in the garden, so plant it in pride of place at the front of a border or in a prominent sunny container where you can admire it.  Evergreen through mild winters, it will bulk up slowly preferring an average to moist soil with some drainage in a south or west facing site.  Bees cannot get enough of it too.