LOBELIA pedunculata

Part shade
Fertile soil
Moisture retentive soil
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Lobelia pedunculata

Height x Spread: 5cm x 100cm 

Ankle-high and rather dainty, Lobelia pedunculata spreads across the ground like a gentle fresh green wave studded with tiny starry pale blue flowers in late summer.

Robust and evergreen to approx. -5 degrees C, it is one of those plants that every gardener should have in their armoury.  Preferring a damp fertile soil in part shade, it will spread to fill and light up a shadier area of the garden but also happily inhabit gaps between paving slabs, softening harsh edges.  Perfect for edging a path or the nooks and crannies of a rockery, if it spreads too much, simply dig up the unwelcome sections. 


Synonyms: Pratia pedunculata