LAMIUM maculatum 'Brightstone Pearl'

Part shade
Reasonable soil
Pollinator friendly
100% Peat Free
Pot Size


Lamium maculatum 'Brightstone Pearl'

Height x Spread: 15cm x 45cm

'Brightstone Pearl' stands out from other Lamiun for its striking combination of strawberry pink flowers in summer held on short vertical stems above a spreading mat of unmarked green pointed leaves. 

It is one of those plants that every gardener should know about because it not only thrives in part to deep shade in any reasonable soil, i.e. moist but free draining, but is also evergreen.  Most gardens have just such a spot where other plants refuse to prosper and 'Brightstone Pearl' brings much needed colour to lift the atmosphere.  Fast-growing, it makes successfully ruthless groundcover, suppressing weeds as it goes.  This is a virtue that can be exploited in hanging baskets and planters that enjoy limited hours of sun.  Perfect for pollinators too.