Fertile soil
Pot Size


Height x Spread: 150 - 180cm x 80cm

Umbelliferers in every size have become all the rage in the last five years, but this is one of the largest and best we have seen.  With very large pale pink umbel flowers held high on strong hollow stems and attractive angelica-like foliage, this plant certainly lives up to its common name Madeira Giant Black Parsley.

A fantastic plant for making an architectural statement in your garden, be warned it is thought to be either biennial or monocarpic, meaning that once it has produced flowers and set seed it will die.  But it can take at least two seasons for the flowers to appear in spring and in the meantime you can enjoy the fabulous lush foliage.  Also the seed can be collected and resown.  To thrive it needs a fertile soil with drainage, avoiding exposure to winter wet, in full sun.