SMYRNIUM perfoliatum

Part shade
Reasonable soil
Pot Size


Height x Spread:  120cm x 60cm

A definite must for anyone that likes lime-green in the garden, Smyrnium perfoliatum is an umbel that produces lots of airy yellowy-green flowers above shiny leaves that sit perpendicular to the vertical stems that rise up through them.  Lush green at the base the leaves become more zesty to match the flowers as they rise.    

Similar in lightness to Anthriscus sylvestris or cow parsley, this native wildflower is harder to find growing wild, preferring the dappled shade and fairly fertile, moist but free draining soil of a deciduous woodland.   But it can cope with some sun too.  Being biennial it flowers in its second season from May through June before setting seed and dying.   Perfect for adding a punch of colour to a border, particularly combined with rich purples, pinks and oranges.  

Available for Mail Order from April - June