KOENIGIA campanulata

Part shade
Fertile soil
Moisture retentive soil
Pot Size


Koenigia campanulata

Height x Spread: 90cm x 90cm

Native to China and the Himalayas this semi-evergreen perennial is fantastic for ground cover and for holding unstable soil in place. It will happily smother weeds as it roots where any stem touches the ground, however it is easy to control and can be pulled up without much effort. 

The stems are tall and branched and have clusters of small pink, bell-shaped flowers from July to September. The leaves are large, ovate and beautifully veined with a pale underside. Best in moist soil in sun or part shade with no preference for any particular pH range. Cutting it back after flowering will encourage new growth and it can be divided in Spring. 

Usually, pest and disease free, it is fully hardy in the UK and is unlikely to set seed. 

Ideal for use in cottage, informal, woodland edge, bog and waterside gardens, it will create a matt of rooted stems and is ideal as a weed suppressant. 

Synonym Persicaria campanulata