PERSICARIA 'Pink Elephant'

Part shade
Moisture retentive soil
Reasonable soil
Pot Size


Height x Spread: 50cm x 60cm

Despite the suggestion in its name, ‘Pink Elephant’ is actually a smaller more compact form of Persicaria that punches far above its weight in the garden.  From late summer into autumn it produces a myriad of slender stems of rosy pink flowers that rise above the distinctive dagger-like semi-evergreen foliage.

Recently introduced, we have been much impressed by this cultivar for its quality and quantity of flowers, all the time gently spreading to form a mat, making it perfect for delightful but ruthlessly successful groundcover.  Fabulous planted in large groups, its naturalistic good looks combine brilliantly with ornamental grasses such as Molinia or purple leaved Actaea drawing the bees and butterflies to your garden. It positively thrives in a moist soil in sun or part shade but can cope with slightly drier conditions too once established.