BAPTISIA 'Purple Smoke'

Well drained soil
Pot Size


Height x Spread: 100cm x 75cm

Seen en masse from a distance, 'Purple Smoke's ' loose flower spikes of pale lilac blushed with purple pea-like blooms do resemble billowing clouds.  Flowering from late spring into early summer, they put on an impressive show but their value to the garden lasts far longer than the blooms alone.

In spring the fresh green clover-like foliage makes a fantastic background for TULIPA and earlier flowering perennials such as PULSATILLA.  Although they do cut well for flower arrangements, stay the snips as once the flowers fade they form purplish elongated seedpods befitting their role as part of the legume family.  These last well into winter and look beautiful dusted with frost.  A recent introduction from North America, it needs full sun and a free draining soil, preferably sandy to thrive.