REHMANNIA Walberton's Magic Dragon ('Walremadra'PBR)

Reasonable soil
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Rehmannia Walberton's Magic Dragon ('Walremadra'PBR)

Height x Spread: 70cm x 50cm

This fantastic garden plant blooms from May through to the first frosts. Keep deadheading the large foxglove-like, pink speckle throated flowers and it will continue to re-bloom. Large, leafy foliage with serrated margins covers upright branching stems.

Walbertan's Magic Dragon is the result of a cross between Rehmannia glutinosa and Rehmannia elata by David Tristram of Walberton's Nurseries and was launched on his behalf by Hardy's at the RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2015. A great perennial for your borders and containers, it provides colour all through the seasons. Choose a situation in the sun or part-shade in any good soil.