SAXIFRAGA 'Vaccariana' (oppositifolia)

Part shade
Reasonable soil
100% Peat Free
Pot Size


Saxifraga 'Vaccariana' (_oppositifolia_)

Height x Spread: 5cm x 20cm

Lots of small, bright, purplish-red flowers with five pointed petals, erupt from deeper toned buds within a compact carpet of dark green, glossy rosettes.This tiny alpine is simply stunning. During early spring last year, its vivid flowers punched high above their weight, drawing visitors to our alpine display at the nursery.

All year long the neat foliage remains, very attractive in its own right. We recommend planting it in an alpine trough or rock garden, but it needs a cool, moist soil. A site facing north, preferably on a slope to get some drainage would be ideal.It grows well in a cool, gritty neutral to alkaline soil with some moisture in partial shade to sun, but not full sun.