SAXIFRAGA 'Winifred Bevington'

Reasonable soil
Pot Size


Saxifraga 'Winifred Bevington'

Height x Spread: 15cm x 25cm

Sprays of pale pink flowers, with dark pink centres and markings to the base of the petals, jostle on red stems above a carpet of leathery, evergreen rosettes with gently scalloped leaves. This ankle-high alpine is valued not only for its prolific display from spring into early summer, but the fact that it can tolerate partial shade as well as sun.

This makes it ideal for growing in cracks in lightly shaded walls, as well as in gravel and rock gardens, as long as its roots are kept moist. Alternatively appreciate its striking combination of glossy foliage and delicate ethereal flower, planted up with other alpines in a trough at eye level. In warmer areas avoid too much exposure to full sun as the leaves may scorch.