DIERAMA pulcherrimum var. album

Fertile soil
Well drained soil
Pot Size


Dierama pulcherrimum var. album

Height x Spread: 100cm x 30cm

In a charming contrast to to the rosy purple tones of Dierama pulcherrimum var. album carries loose clusters of palest pink to white tubular flowers each highlighted with a dark red throat.  These similarly dangle from slender arching stems that gently move in the breeze in a naturalistic and ethereal display that can last from July into August.

Slow to build into large clumps, it prefers a sunny or very lightly shaded and sheltered spot in a rich, fertile soil that is also well-drained but never fully dries out.  But hang in there and your patience will be rewarded by a delicate perennial that adds graceful movement and lightness to a border, gravel or coastal garden.  If the soil and light conditions are correct, its fine silhouette looks particularly delicious reflected in water.  In hard winters it needs protection from very hard frosts.  

 Synonym: Dierama pulcherrimum, 'Snowbells'