TELEKIA speciosa

Part shade
Moisture retentive soil
Pollinator friendly
Pot Size


Telekia speciosa

Height x Spread:  180cm x 60cm

An impressive perennial herb, Telekia speciosa produces large golden yellow daisy flowers fringed with very fine petals surrounding a raised central boss.   Held up high atop sturdy stems flanked by broad gently serrated mid-green leaves, the bold floral display lasts for many weeks during late summer.  

Native to mountainous areas in eastern Europe, it has been cultivated in the UK since 1739 but can be hard to find on the market.  Preferring damp soils that do not dry out in light shade or sun, it would be a perfect specimen for a bog garden, contrasting well with the fine flowers and foliage of Astilbe, plus the boldness of Koenigia × fennica 'Johanniswolke' and Eutrochium forms.  Bees go mad for it making it a great choice for a damp wildlife garden too.