Well drained soil
Pollinator friendly
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Sempervivum spp

Height x Spread:  5cm x 10cm

It's a curious thing but people often say 'Sempervivum - oh the humble house leek', but in our opinion they are anything but humble.  Mostly found in rocky areas in mountainous regions, they can tolerate sharply drained soil, cold temperatures and periods of drought, hence their appeal as houseplants that can cope with some neglect.  Being monocarpic, each separate rosette or plant will flower eventually in late spring/early summer and then die, but will have been replaced by offsets that will then grow.  Interesting evergreen texture and form for a planter, they are a great way of getting kids interested in growing and propagating.  

Our Sempervivum may be compact but also compelling with distinctly architectural rosettes formed of small succulent leaves tracing a tightly bound spiral. 

Our Sempervivum vary both in colour from soft olive green to deep flushed red and some even have a dressing of cobwebs.  We cannot guarantee which one you will get at your time of ordering, as the selection does change but if you order two or more and specify you would like variety we will do our best to comply.